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Rivais do iPad dizem que é este ano:

Publicado a 06/01/2011, 06:04 por House Work

In April, Apple’s iPad came out. And the year 2010 became the Year of the iPad.

This year, manufacturers are promising it will be different, saying that after the success of the iPad, they have learned a lot about what consumers want in a tablet.

“We could have done this a year ago and rushed it out, but it wouldn’t have had the right features,” said Phil Osako, director of product marketing at Toshiba, which is introducing a new tablet at this year’s show, which begins Thursday in Las Vegas.

Perhaps the most important feature is the ability to watch high-quality video, say industry analysts, pointing to market research showing that, above all, consumers want to use tablets for all kinds of media consumption — watching films, looking at and sharing photographs, playing games.

At this year’s show, Research In Motionand Hewlett-Packard are expected to show off tablet computers, while scheduled appearances by executives atMotorola and Microsoft are widely thought to be coming-out parties for their company’s devices.

Mr. Ballmer is to give the keynote address in Las Vegas on Wednesday, the eve of the show; some analysts and bloggers have described this as a do-over of last year.

The tablet market is shaping up to resemble the smartphone market, in which a few companies, like Apple, Research In Motion and Microsoft, design their own operating systems, while many others design hardware that runs on Google’s Android operating system.



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